Technology Standards for Instructional Personnel
According to the Code of Virginia and ABTEL (Advisory Board of Teacher Education and Licensure)
which regulate licensure requirements,
instructional personnel are required to attain minimum technology proficiency certification.
Instructional personnel not certificated at the time of employment by a Virginia school division,
will have one year to complete technology certification.
Gloucester County Public Schools have developed an online training and certification component and procedure. 

Virginia  Technology Standards for Instructional Personnel
1999 General Assembly Licensure Requirement

  • By late September, Human Resources will provide a list of new and beginning teachers not having TSIP certification to division ITRTs. Teachers (and respective administrators) will be notified of his/her certification requirement.
    TSIP training and the certification procedure will begin early in October.
    Deadline for completion of the program and submission of all required documentation is April 1
    uilding’s ITRT (Instructional Technology Resource Teacher) will facilitate learning with respective staff members.
    The Human Resources’ License Specialist, building administrators, and ITRTs will work closely to assist teachers to complete the program.